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Consign with Us

Consigning with us

Due to COVID-19, we are temporarily closed to the public. Click on the new SHOP tab to shop online and pickup curbside!

Since we are temporarily closed, we are working with the following new rules:

-NO MORE than 25 items total in bag

-Starting February 10th, we are now looking for short sleeved shirts, shorts, tank tops, sandals, swimwear, sun dresses and bright colors. No longer accepting winter items (unless donating). Still accepting transitional/year round things like leggings, jeans, tennis shoes, etc No stains, or faded as I have no where to donate to right now. Only 25 sellable items please. Things should be in great shape and picture ready. Shoes must be wiped down beforehand. 

-Looking for more practical wear at the moment. Please limit any special occasion outfits 

-No more than 4 each of toys/shoes/misc per bag. Please try to mix. Cannot take a whole bag of these items right now. MUST check ahead on misc items (outside of clothes, shoes, toys)

-Please write your full name and date on/in your bag. For new consignors, you MUST print and complete the new consignor agreement below and include with your drop off. 

-Drop off on the chair at the door during drop off times (Wednesdays 10a-12p no appointment necessary, Sundays 10a-12p drop off appointment required) and call or message to let me know it’s outside. 

-I will not look through for a few days and any items not accepted will not be returned

-Expect delays in processing & posting your items for sale 

-No longer accepting year round holiday items or rain/snow gear. Please only include upcoming holiday items in your drop offs (ex: summer can include 4th of July outfits, winter can include xmas pajamas)

-If there is any item you’d like to check on to make sure I can accept, feel free to send a picture via social media

New consignors: please read, print, and include this form completed with your drop off

Consignment Agreement.pdf